First Week of Advent 2016

Advent Prayer of Hope

In the intimate moments
of conversation,
you guide me
on this soul journey.

I feel the discomfort
of not knowing,
of not seeing
what’s ahead.

Not yet, my child,
you whisper.

You reassure me
that this state
of not yet
is only temporary.

This “not yet” is where
Hope blossoms.
The resolve to trust comes
out of this seed of Hope.

Now that you beckon me forward,
I have a choice to hold my
fear gently and
trust you as you take my hand
and lead me. 

You reassure me with the
press of your hand.
I know that I cannot make
a wrong move because
it is your Spirit
that gifts me
with the Vision,
the words,
the actions.

With a humble heart,
I lift up these words
and say, with love,