Peter Wall and Michael Pryse have created a list for reflection and adaptation of characteristics they have noted in learners of Jesus who are becoming mature.

Through Common Time, we will have the opportunity to reflect, to consider our own spiritual health. 

Those who are well in Christ know that faith isn’t static; it moves in a continuum. Faith development involves a lifelong process of stretching and growing. A living faith is a moving faith. If we think and believe pretty much the same things that we’ve always believed, something is not right.
— Michael Pryse (Canada Lutheran, May 2014) and Peter Wall (Retreat Presentation: Wellness in Christ)

Is your faith dynamic? Is it stretching and growing? Where are you noting change in your beliefs, ideas and images? Do you feel like it is okay to "change your mind" or to admit that you have learned something new?

As you reflect on this statement, are there any adaptations that you might make?