First Week of Lent 2016

Do not be afraid, you will not be put to shame, / Do not be dismayed, you will not be disgraced.../ for the mountains may depart / the hills be shaken / but my love for you will never leave you / and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken / says Yahweh who takes pity on you.
(Isaiah 54:4,10)

"I long for the boundaries of my wandering / and I move / with the energy of your prayer / and I move / in the direction of your prayer / for you are kneeling / like a bouquet / in a cave of bone / behind my forehead / and I move toward a love / you have dreamed for me."
(Leonard Cohen "This is for you" 45-56)

The Star of My Heart,
You are a beacon of light in the thick fog of my heart. When I finally come home, the words you speak are Love: "Do not be afraid; do not be ashamed." But much more! You call me daughter! You call me son! You remove the filthy rags of my journey and put me in the most beautiful clothing. But much more! You promise to never leave me! But much more! You offer to teach me. You desire that I become a daughter, a son, of Wisdom, to be a beacon of light in the fog to show others the way home.
Thank you for your Light and Love,

By Lara Stoudt