"Love comes and fills my skin
veins and bones, every particle.
Only the letters of my name are left.
You are the rest."

"And softer than our mother's breast
And closer than our Mother's arm,
Is here the Love that keeps us warm"
--Christina Rossetti "Holy Innocents"

Dear Heavenly Father,

When I think
of the suffering
in the world
and the pain
in my own heart,
I feel like I may drown
in my own tears.

But I am reminded
today that my time
is no different
than when Jesus
was born.

Mary and Joseph had to flee the unimaginable:
war and violence, the murder of innocent children.

Yet, your Love
prevails in even
the most horrific
of circumstances.

Your Love
comes down
into our skin,
our bones,
our veins,
every particle.

Your Love
is as close
as our breath.
Let me breathe
your Love in until
my heart of stone is
transformed into
a heart of

Thank you for this sacred time.

In Jesus' Name,


(Lara Stoudt)