Short Common Time 2017

“If you only look at us, 
you might well miss the brightness.
We carry this precious Message
around in unadorned clay pots
of our ordinary lives.”
(2 Corinthians 4:7, The Message Translation)

Prayer of the Bride at Cana

Sweet Lord,
look upon me, 
your daughter.
I have no more
to offer but my clay pots, 
worn and chipped.
I live with little, but with hope—
One day others will see and taste the goodness
of the Lord because of my ordinary clay pots.
Others may hide what is broken and plain, but I know
you take the broken things, even broken people,
and make them whole again.You, Loving Creator,
turn the ordinary into the sacred. You, Precious Healer, 
transform water into the best wine. You, Merciful Lord,
will not let your daughter be put to shame.
I celebrate your generous love,
your abundant gifts.
And the sweet wine
of Grace,

Lara Stoudt