Season of Easter 2017

Dandelion Prayer

As I was walking along
cement corridors
of the city streets, a
yellow flash came across
my peripheral vision – yes,
a dandelion managed to grow
between the stark walls
of an office building
and the sidewalk.

No other plant life to be found,
except the plastic, purple hydrangeas
planted in front of the “Green Spot” café
And the interruption of
that dandelion flower.

A weed, the dandelion is
often considered – then trampled,
poisoned, pulled, cursed at –

What is it about a dandelion flower
that makes it withstand the
harshest of conditions and
Find soil and grow?

Seeds, tiny helicopters, 
drifting on the spring winds;
one of the first shocks of colour against
the brown grasses
of March and April. 

Roots that grow deep, even in
the meanest soils.

Leaves, green and abundant,
withstanding frost
and late snows.

Flowers, tucked close to the
ground until ready to bloom;
the fast food our most precious pollinators, 
the bees. 

May I be like the dandelion,
resilient, a quick adaptor,
cheerful and bright against the
starkest backdrops.

May I have the deep roots of a dandelion,
reaching into the heart
of the Creator’s love –
anchored in hope,
growing in joy.

Thank you for the gift of the dandelion,


Lara Stoudt