Season after Pentecost 2017

Prayer of the Dragonfly

Let me not be content in beginnings – 
As I slink along on my underbelly,
going from rock, to pebble, to stone,
searching to feed my hunger,
I know there is something more –
I sense the freedom just above the glassy-surface
of my watery home. 
Ghost pains pulse
between my shoulders.
In the murky shadows,
I begin to change.
All I know begins to shift. I don’t understand,
but I know, somehow, to be still.

I am giving you wings, sweet dragonfly, so you can be all you are created to be.

I rise above the muddy bottom
and, for the first time,
I see
the light, the sky,
I hear
the sharp cry of the black bird and
I taste
the acrid air of my new,vast home.
At first, I hesitate to explore.
From the surface, I can still see
the muddy bottom of my birthplace.
I find comfort looking down.
But, Great Spirit, I feel you call me
upward and away.

Don’t be afraid to fly, sweet dragonfly.

Awkwardly, at first, I offer my wings to
the wind and I am carried to a new
resting place.
The view from the heights is
spell-binding. The beauty
of the Great Spirit’s creation
envelops my trembling body.

You are a part of this beauty, sweet dragonfly.

My days are spent as an intricate part
of the created world. My wings take
me where I need to go and the
Great Spirit always provides all I need.
Soon it will be time for me to
lay eggs and my little ones will
one day rise from their muddy beginnings
to the light and the air.

Lara Stoudt