Season after Pentecost 2017

“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you, abide in my love.”
(John 15:9)

Sweet Lord,

As you kneel at the feet
of each of your disciples,
I bring fresh water to
fill your basin.

I watch you as you
gently unwrap their
sandals. Your eyes
are locked with theirs.
You have a look
of kindness and deep
love as
a mother looking
at the newborn
at her breast.

I long for you to
look at me that way.
But, I am content
to be the water-bearer.
I am faithful to the
work at hand.

As each person takes
their place at the table,
you surprise me
with the words:

It is your turn.

I am startled by the invitation.
I hesitate.
My feet are dirty and damaged
from working so hard.

Yet, you take the water pot
from me and fill the basin
with fresh water.
You encourage me to sit
and then you slowly
begin to unwrap my sandal.
I cringe as the fabric sticks
to the bloodied sores
on my toes.
I see a tear in the corner
of your eye.
You whisper,
You have worked so
let me take care of you now.

Taking the fragrant water,
you wash between each
toe and the pain lessens
with each gentle stroke.

Thank you, I say.
You smile.


Lara Stoudt