Lent 2017

Only my lips still turn to you,
My livid lips that cry, Repent.
O Weary life, O Weary Lent,
O Weary time whose stars are few.
(C. G Rossetti "The Covenant Threshold" 65-68)

You whisper in the shadows;

come home,
dear one
come home,
my child
come home,
to rest.

Precious Yahweh,

You are the flame
that never goes out;
You are the hearth fire
that keeps burning
to light the way home. 

I have no need
of the layers--
worn out clothing that covers
up my true skin. Underneath,
I am yours. Underneath
the filth, I am
from the womb
of your forgiveness.
Wash me
in your Love.
Cradle me
in your Peace.
Swaddle me
in the Joy of Knowing
I am yours and you are mine.



Lara Stoudt