Practicing Lectio Divina

Please remember that as you listen to the reading of the Psalm, what you hear in the stillness of your heart, is a gift to you from the Divine. Savour what you hear and linger with it, let it settle within you.

First we will listen. Pay attention to the way in which the Psalm you are listening to shares similarities with the other psalms we have been spending time with. Are there themes or words that continue to touch you or stand out to you that you have also heard in other psalms?

After a short pause, listen to the reading a second time, capturing a word or phrase that is revealed to us during the reading. After a time of silence (about 30 seconds), you could speak out loud or write down a word or phrase that comes to mind. Remember there is no right or wrong. We are listening for the still, small voice of the Divine.

As you listen to the Psalm a third time, listen for an invitation from the Spirit.  After a short time of silence you might speak or write down the invitation you hear. “I feel the Spirit is inviting me to….”

For the the final and fourth reading of the Psalm, allow the Word of God to flow over you and within you. 

As we end our time of contemplation with the Lectio Divina practise, you are invited to savour what you hear, linger with it, and let it settle within you as you prepare for the day, and the coming week. Continue to savour, especially,  the words and themes that have come forth within you to connect. 

Thank you for practising Lectio Divina with us today. Blessings on the rest of your day.

Maureen Chastkiewicz

If you would like to hear how a Lectio Divina practice might go, here’s a recording to guide you through the process: