Season After Pentecost (Ordinary Time)

Blessed are those who make You their strength,
    for they treasure every step of the journey [to Zion].[c]
On their way through the valley of Baca,
    they stop and dig wells to collect the refreshing spring water,
    and the early rains fill the pools.
They journey from place to place, gaining strength along the way;
    until they meet God in Zion.

(Psalm 84:5-7, The Voice) 

Here I stand in
the Valley of Weeping,
the pathways lined
with fallen leaves;
the trees are barren;
the wild geese gather
in flocks;
the southern
sky begins to fill with
their home cry.

 You beckon me
onward, inward,
through the Door of Hope,
to the springs of tomorrow.
Although death lies at my feet,
the seeds wait beneath.

 You cover my trembling
shoulders with a woolen cloak.
The words, My Beloved,
are woven into the fabric.
Arm and arm we walk
the crimson pathway.
The morning star
lights the way.

 You whisper to me,
Even the coldest winter day
experiences the dawn.

 I lean into your embrace.
And together,
we endure.

(Lara Stoudt)