Season After Pentecost (Ordinary Time)

Make a Joyful Noise All the Earth!

Spinning, twirling, clapping –
delightful dancing!
Giggles, peals of laughter,
knee-slapping, side-aching laughter!
Eyes shining, feet-stamping –
heart-song bubbling over!

Spirit-breathed creation all around me!
Mud between my toes, the smell of lilacs tickling my nose!
Flashes of blue-winged butterflies –
Chirping, peeping, chattering choirs of birds!
I am part of this glorious creation –
Living under Spirit’s care & guidance!

Wide open fields and
Great expansive sky –
All belong to Spirit!
I am welcome here!
With Joy – I say, THANK YOU!
Spirit you are luminous!
Sheer Beauty!
We open our hearts to receive
Spirit’s Love!
As we drink in Love,
we are filled to overflowing!
We can give and give and give
to all peoples!

(Lara Stoudt)