Season of Pentecost 2016

God is not merely able but abundantly able, bountiful and generously able, with an infinite surplus of resources and eternally able 'to do what he had promised.’
(A. B. Simpson in Streams in the Desert, April 21)

Psalm 84: 5-6
Happy are those who strength is in you, and whose heart are the highways to Zion. As they go through the valley of Baca they make it a place of springs; the early rain also covers it with pools.

"Pentecost is Every Day"
I share and share and share again
sometimes with a new language
which, if you are so open
will take you behind the sky
and award you cartwheels across the sun
I give and give and give again
not restricted by the church calendar
or concocted ritual
I have no need of anniversaries
for I have always been
I speak and speak and speak again
with the sting a purity
that could only be Me
causing joyous earthquakes in the mourning soul of man
I am and am and am again.
(Stewart Henderson, 20th Century)

God of Wind and Fire,

Thank you for bringing Pentecost to our homes with your continuous presence.

Indeed, you share;
You give;
You speak;
You are.

With the fire of forgiveness, you thaw the stories of our past, bringing them to the surface.
The ice becomes tears.
The tears water our desert places. The Valley of Suffering is filled with the
Living Waters of our stories.
Our stories of healing and joy become pools of refreshment for all those who come to drink.

You are not a mirage,
your Word is real.
Your Love is found in the circles of community.
In the community of the forgiven, we receive your abundant gifts and limitless resources. 

Thank you, for the gift of community where our stories are blessed, broken, and given so all who are hungry may be fed.

With Love, I say,


By Lara Stoudt