Short Common Time 2016

Come to meet me, God of life, reach into the Mystery of my Self. Take me into the heart of this year and give me the confidence to journey freely, lovingly, with risk, wonder and laughter. (Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread, 26)

In Praise of Wisdom:
She is a breath of the power of God, 
pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty; 
 hence nothing impure can find a way into her. 
She is a reflection of the eternal light, 
 untarnished mirror of God's active power, 
 image of his goodness... 
In each generation she passes into holy souls, 
 she makes them friends of God and prophets;
for God loves only the [person] who lives with Wisdom.
She is indeed more splendid than the sun,
she outshines all the constellations;
compared with light, she takes first place.
(The Jerusalem Bible, Wisdom, 8.25-29)

God of Life and Light:
Thank you for the quiet stillness
     of the frozen landscape. Even the trees
 move slowly in their perpetual waltz
   with the four winds. The slow work 

of the frost growing on my window:
     melting and reforming
         melting and reforming
 reminds me 

 you are continuously recreating
 in me. The breath
 of Wisdom moves
     in and out
         in and out

 bringing fresh oxygen
    bringing in fresh understanding
 and insight. I choose
 to walk with wisdom
    through the stillness
of the frozen void.

She can show me life
     waiting to burst forth
 just underground. 

    ---But I rest in the wait. 

    With Wisdom's Holy Breath,
by Lara Stoudt