Season of Easter 2016

The Sower

Come with me, dear one
I’ll show you the soils
    of your soul. 
The seeds of my love await
    the places in you that are open,
Yet, there are hard places.
    Paths where others have trod
with heavy soles            
    words and actions
have packed the soil    leaving
    no place
    for seeds to grow.

Come with me dear one.
    I will teach you new paths.
I will help you turn the sod         breaking
    the soil of your heart. 
Together we can till the hard places
    and make room for
rows that will be ready
        for seeds. 

The soil worked and     
    fragrant with rain
crawling with earthworms. 
Yet, there will be stones in some of these
    new rows. 
Stones of the past
Lumps of clay
and crumbled sandstone    
       pieces of granite
collected    worshipped     
    on altars of sorrow.
I will break down these altars
    of tears.
We will gather together the stones of anger
    and build together a new
    foundation of forgiveness
       and peace.
Come with me, dear one
and let us pick the thorny weeds
that grow alongside the new,
         weak plants. 
These thorny places are the hurts
that have long lived dormant in your
    soul and only come to the surface
when you are learning
        about the deep wells of my love.
These thorns pierce,
scratch and sting  
when you remove them. 
And sometimes they take
    with them the new seedlings. 
Do not fret, dear one.
I am here, sowing new seeds
    of love,
as you make room for me.

Walk with me through the gardens
    of your soul. Know I am
        The Sower.
    Rejoice in the beauty
        of my love. 

By Lara Stoudt