Second Week of Lent 2016

"Brother (and sister), joy to you! 
I've brought some snowdrops; only just a few,
But quite enough to prove the world awake, 
Cheerful and hopeful in the frosty dew
And for the pale sun's sake."
(Christina Rossetti, "February")

"(Yahweh), You are my help
never leave me, never desert me
God my Saviour!  
If my father and mother desert me,
Yahweh will care for me still"
(Psalm 27)

God of the Desert Places,

You are with me through every season, every landscape, every heartache and every joy! Thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for showing me vulnerability so I can learn to be vulnerable. I leave my cloak of "I can do it on my own" and "I'm strong and tough". The truth is that I'm broken and weak and blind. But! But, you are Whole, and Loving, and you restore my sight so that I can see the infinite possibilities of your Love! I rejoice in your Presence. 

Thank you Father for your embrace. Thank you for calling me home.


By Lara Stoudt